“Finding the beauty of light, shape, texture and form in humanity, nature and man-made objects.”

Birds and Wildlife

Capturing beautiful moments in nature.


Nature is inherently beautiful. Capturing a moment can be wonderful, be it an action shot, a pose, a look or an intimate moment like this Little Corella enjoying some attention from her loving partner. I try to bring the beauty of nature out in my images, to let the viewer enjoy the moment as much as I did in taking the photo.


Aviation photography in an artistic style.


“A perfect flight is one with exactly as many landings as takeoffs’…” – Unknown

Aircraft are noisy, dirty, dangerous machines. There is inherent beauty in their lines and shapes though, which I try to discover and accentuate in my photography.

A Little Bit About Me…

Mick McKean


Hi! My name is Mick McKean. Welcome to my photography page, where I showcase my images of birds, wildlife, aviation and other styles. 

I have a background in electronics and computers, working for over 15 years in the Royal Australian Air Force as an aircraft electronics technician, and thereafter many years in the the IT Industry as an engineer. For many years I’ve had a keen interest in photography, mainly capturing images during holidays when I had the time. In the past few years, I’ve become a lot more serious about my photography, finding my main niches in birds/wildlife and aviation photography. I will blog on these two themes, with journal-style posts about my outings, some bird or aircraft features, tips and techniques and information to help others who are interested in these topics.

Living in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia since 2006. Brisbane is a wonderful city to live in, a moderate climate, a modern, vibrant place where lifestyle is a big focus for residents.

I hope you enjoy my site, feel free to have a good browse around. I created a Contact Me page and have my social links on each page header, so feel free to connect with me. Leave a comment, message me on social media and let me know what you think.


What I Can Offer


Great photos and blog posts of military, commercial and light aircraft and aircraft museums.

Birds and Wildlife

Beautiful photos of our amazing wildlife, mainly from Australia but some from overseas as I travel further afield.

Image Sales

All of my photos are available for sale. 

  • Prints, greeting cards, calendars
  • Digital downloads
  • Commercial use
  • Editorial

Please use the Contact Me page to make a query or sales request.